13th February 2018 - 4000 FIGHTERS ON SITE

 3rd September 2018 - 100 FIGHTERS ADDED

Hwan Jin Kim, Tae Shik Kim, Soon Chun Kwon, Todo Moran, Wildcat Monte, Frankie Nelson, Joe Shaw, Charley (Zivic) Affif, Alvin Anderson, Joe Anderson, Billy Arnold, Milt Aron, Jimmy Beau, Indian Tiger West, Paulie Walker, Stoffel Willemse, Alex Trambitas, Chick Tucker, My Sullivan, Paddy Sullivan, Joe Gollob, Patsy Bradley, Frank Carsey, Birdlegs Collins, Jack Fitzgerald, Shig Fukuyama, Crocky Boyle, Harry (Kid) Brown, Bobby Burns, Andy Chaney, Auburn Copeland, Arthur Cote, Johnny Drummie, Billy Ernst, Henry (Snow) Flakes, Reddy Gallagher, Happy Atherton, Sammy Goss, Chuck Hellman, Wildcat Henry, Freddie Herman, Freddie Hicks, Tommy Houck, Frank (Soldier) Logan, Bill Speary, Herbert Stribling, Humberto Sierra, Armando Sicilia, Harry English, Orville Drouillard, Gunner Ainsley, Fred Blakeborough, Paul Chance, Johnny Curran, Young Dando, Bert Dyke, Danny Flynn, Dido Gains, Jack Garland, Alf Gower, Darky Haley, Bill Hook, Frank Kenny, Tommy Miller, Sam Minto, Tommy Mitchell, Eddie Morgan, Sapper O'Niell, George Proctor, Bob Russell, Arnold (Kid) Sheppard, Steve Smith, Myer Stringer, Tom Woodley, Arne Anderson, Daniel Arnaud, Segundo Bartos, Luc Biquet, Jose Cantero, Jean Delarge, Franco DePiccoli, Rodolfo Garcia, Aldo Minelli, Roger Simende, Martin Tancred, Guido Trane, Jean Pierre Younsi, Levi Madi, Fraser Toweel, Jim Holloway, Ralph Hollett, Ian Clyde, Clarence Ferns, Clarence Hinnant, Tommy Hogan, Al Shubert, Tony Bender, Frankie Campbell, Walter Campbell, William Sherriff

       5th September 2018 - 50 FIGHTERS ADDED

Sarel Aucamp, Danilo Batista, Tommy Bensch, Jack Goodman, Charlie Hahn, Rocky Kalingo, Danny Kapilow, Jimmy Larkins, Harry Neumier, Karl Ogren, Frank Patterson, Sailor Petroskey, Eddie Pierce, Vince Pimpinella, Cris Pineda, Charlie Polite, Harold Ratchford, Rocky Rivero, Georgie Rivers, Indian Joe Rivers, Edelweiss Rodriguez, Refugio Rojas, Frank Ropis, Norman Rubio, Farid Salim, Doug Sam, Pal Silvers, Harry Slough, Yankee Sullivan, Jimmy Taylor, Frank Thorn, Al Tripoli, Charlie Ward, Add Warren, Jack Weday, Vearl Whitehead, Johnny Willetts, Chalky Wimler, Eddie Wimler, Bobby Zander, Humberto Zavala, Alfredo Zuany, Warren Zubrick, Bob Long, Billy Hill, Joe Ianotti, Shuichi Isagami, Denny Kelleher, Billy Kilgore, George (Kid) Lee 

      12th October 2018 - 50 FIGHTERS ADDED

Teddy Loder, Jack McGee, Danny McBride, Nkosana Mgxagi, Terry Moore, Duggie Miller, Andy Morris, Eddie Revoire, Japie Pretorius, Wally Beckett, Spud Murphy, Hughie Murphy, Oscar Muniz, Tony Motisi, Jack Matthews, Jack Reeves, Joe Roche, Marty Rowan, Babe Ruth, Paul Sikora, Clever Sison, TurkeyPoint Billy Smith, Harry Chamberlain, Jack Clifford, Colin Cassidy, Kid Bururu, Dave Finn, Billy Gallagher, Guts Ishimatsu, Kid Lee, Whitey Lester, Frankie Madden, Tommy Lowe, Ellwood McCloskey, Dan McConnell, Charlie Miller, Art Persley, Angelo Puglisi, Herman (Kid) Stein, Jimmy Purcell, Primo Ubaldi, Joe Curcio, Billy DeCoursey, Jack Hare, Sakkie Horn, Frankie Jerome, Kid Locke, Willie Loughlin, Charlie Cotton, Ernie Eustace

14th October 2018 - 50 FIGHTERS ADDED

Carl Knowles, Wilson Yarbo, Steve Carr, Babe Verila, Red Uhlan, Mike (Twin) Sullivan, Joe Ryder, Emil Rossi, Ray Pelkey, Charlie Nashert, Jack Fallon, Johnny Colan, Colin Clarke, Al Boros, Herman Auerbach, Salvatore Affinito, Jorge Lujan, Young Fernandez, Ernesto Figueroa, Tsuyoshi Hamada, Sid Shields, Young Kid McCoy, Robey Leibrandt, Tim Hegarty, Vern Bybee, Jay Macedon, Leo (Kid) Roy, Carmen Barth, Kid Locke, Tommy Maloney, Isidro Martinez, Jimmy Martinez, Raul Martinez, Matty Matthews, Guido Mazzinghi, Rube Ferns, Willie Loughlin, Kid Leonard, Aldo Minelli, Andy Morris, Hubert Gagnier, Bonnie Espinosa, Hugo Carrizo, Yambito Blanco, Jack Finnegan, Lou Gent, Dixie Brown, Frank Fowler, Leo Phillips, Douglas Parker


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