any British title contender 1890 to 1935
Roy Louw (SA)
Louis Klopper (SA)
Cloggy Saunders (GB)
Ernie Stanton (GB)
Mike Crawley (GB)
Wilson Dunn (USA)
Pete Hartley (USA)
Luigi Ricci (Italy)
Harry (Slounch) Dixon (GB)
Miguel Angel Suarez (Spain)
Peter Marklewicz (Austria)
Rudolph Kretzschmer (Germany)
Herman Remschied (Germany)
Bertus Ahaus (Holland)
Angelo Liquori (Italy)
Eric Taton (Belgium)
Luciano Borracio (Italy)
Fernando Blanco (Spain/Belgium)
Claudio Nitti (Italy)
Fernando Rodriguez (Spain)
Lorenzo Pacheco (Spain)
Nessim Zebelini (France)
Jim Watts (USA)
Steve Crosby (USA)

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