In the nearly ten years since I started my website I have been very pleased with the progress
Although it is time consuming uploading photos on to the site I have managed 4000 so far but have a couple of thousand more to do so for the moment I will have to concentrate on the photos rather than adding information about each boxer
I have had quite a lot of interest so if you have visited the site please come back and tell your friends about it

I hope soon to be able to make it more prominent on the web so that it will be easier to view
I intend to add as many photos as I can this year and hope to have 5000 images by the end of 2018
I will concentrate on British, Commonwealth and European fighters as the Americans are pretty well represented on other sites
If anyone wants to see a particular fighter featured please let me know and I will try to add his picture or if anyone has a photo of a relative and would care to send me a copy I will include it with a full acknowledgment
Good wishes to all for 2018

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