I was born in London in October 1945 and started collecting photos of boxers as a young teenager in the late 1950's.
At first my collection was made up mostly of newspaper cuttings and photos copied from various magazines but gradually as my finances permitted I started buying copy photos from various acquaintances some of whom came to be friends.
I now have a large collection of books and magazines covering the last 130 years of boxing as well as nearly 6,500 different fighters photos. I have now got rid of all the doubles, action pictures and really poor quality images.
As explained on my ABOUT THE SITE page these vary from signed originals to newspaper cuttings and I would like to have a photo of every top liner on the site between 1880 and 1985.
It is not my intention to make a profit with the site although if I manage to sell a few unwanted items it will help me to add to my collection.
I will always be ready to help out a fellow collector where possible. I would welcome contact with anyone out there who shares my interest in the sport.
Thanks for visiting my site.
Come back soon.
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